Choosing Your Chiropractor

Automatic Heading: Get the excerpt

As an SF chiropractor who has been in practice for many years, I too find this question hard to answer. To properly decide where to adjust, and what the source of the problem we need to do a bit of detective work. We need to investigate all the right questions and gather all your lifestyle clues to come up with a proper diagnosis.

This is why we take a measured and thorough approach on your first visit. Looking at the body’s adaptability from different angles helps us zero in on what is ailing you and why.

This is one of the wonderful tools chiropractors have to evaluate the way the bones are situated, the curves of the spine, and the overall health of the spinal column. Using X-ray will help us evaluate where your problem areas are, and design plan of care to address it.

Simply put, they should. You should be regularly evaluated (in my office, it is either every 12 or 24 visits) to see how your brain, and nervous system, and spine are changing, adapting and healing. Otherwise – how does your chiropractor know if you are getting better?

I sure do hope so! Sometimes WHERE we experience the pain is not the SOURCE of the pain. It’s important for your chiropractor to explain the difference between symptoms you are experiencing and what is causing them in the first place.

For example, sometimes pain in the shoulder is not actually a shoulder problem, but actually a problem with the nerves and bones in the neck. Your chiropractor should be able to explain this to you. If your chiropractor looks at the spine properly, they should be able to find the root cause of the problem, as well as address your symptoms. Furthermore, if the chiropractor finds the neck to be the problem, the care plan should be for both the neck and the shoulder.

You should be able to tell that within the first few moments of entering their clinic. Is the front desk friendly and welcoming? How about the chiropractor? How have they set up their flow for maximum convenience for you? Does the chiropractor live the life they preach? Can you just sense they love what they do?

Chiropractors are primary health providers. They will address your nutrition, emotional and spiritual health. You should be able to get everything from your chiropractor – your adjustment, supplements, and nutritional recommendations, movement and exercise recommendations, and overall health and well-being advice. It is a one-stop-shop for health, healing, and vitality.