Chiropractic Scholarship 2019

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The deadline for this program is April 31, 2019. The winner will be selected before May 15, 2019, and the scholarship will be awarded by May 30, 2019.

2019 Writing Topic

Truspine will award the scholarship based upon the quality of the short essay you submit, following these criteria:

  • Topic: Present one innovative marketing idea for Chiropractors in 2019.
  • Discuss how you would implement it. What materials do you need? Who would be involved?
  • Length: 500 – 1,000 words.

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Marketing is imperative for a private practice or business to succeed in today’s landscape. As someone entering Chiropractic School, I’ve given much thought to this already with how I can set myself apart once I complete my program. While I will continue to fine-tune and adapt my vision during the course of my studies and exposure to the various avenues that comprise chiropractic care, I already have a plan for my own personal practice one day.

My marketing idea isn’t a stand-alone one, but one that takes a wide array of various items to package together to turn your practice into “one stop shop” for all your patients’ needs. Starting off with education and showing them how to manage their pain and improve movement on their own is something I feel can greatly set one apart from the rest of the field. This would be accomplished through an online platform where patients login to a private portal to find their own customized mobility drill and corrective exercise routine to be done in conjunction with adjustments given at the office. This routine could be updated at each visit based on their progressing, giving them the power to help correct the poor muscle imbalance and recruitment patterns that could be contributing to their pain and dysfunction.

While some may say that would take away from business by showing them how to improve themselves without having to see you 52 weeks a year, I would disagree. I think providing this level of education and instruction would only cement you in their mind as THE chiropractor everyone HAS to go to. Word of mouth would spread quickly that this is not just another “rack ‘em & crack ‘em” practice opening up around the corner.

This alone would entail some well-versed computer programmers, various web hosting services, 24-hour tech support, filming equipment, and a studio to film in. I think putting the studio inside the practice would make this even more marketable. Imagine having a studio where one could not only film these tutorials but offer group classes as well as an area to conduct in-depth movement and exercise assessments –all things to set one apart from the rest of the field. Perhaps some key pieces of gym equipment would work well here as well. Items such as your traditional resistance bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, a cable machine, barbell, and free weights. Unconventional items such as clubs or maces would be great as well to help improve patients’ shoulder stability and demonstrate unique modalities to exercise with. The images one could put together to market online would be beyond unique and absolutely encourage and drive up inquiry numbers.

But why stop there? What if one was to put together a separate “recovery” wing with items such as a sauna, cryotherapy chamber, red light wall, and of course your traditional ultrasound therapy and laser therapy machines? That would continue to set yourself apart from the field.

Bringing in this extra equipment and treatment options would require extra staffing. This would most likely require hiring dedicated specialists in associated fields to work with patients one-on-one while you give adjustments and initial assessments would be required. Of course one could categorize them as independent contractors and develop a symbiotic relationship with helping each other improve business and have multiple angles to market with.

Speaking of which, being able to advertise theses feature on social media and online, as well as strategic sponsorships of new media (podcasts, for instance, are un-tapped outlets for this sort of thing) would allow you to set yourself apart from the crowd of chiropractors. Granted, not all patients would follow the drills and exercises or use the equipment, but these items turn into great marketing features to drive in new patients.

This innovative idea is one I haven’t seen or heard of – although I recognize I’m fairly new to this field. It is not cheap or easy. Luckily I already have all the above gym equipment and know that adding the larger pieces of equipment would take time. Still, I can get excited about these ideas of how to truly distinguish my future practice from the crowd.

#2 – Kristina De Los Reyes

Social media is a blossoming tool used for a variety of communication purposes. In 2019, almost everything is social media driven. Consumers wake up and the first thing in the morning they do is to check their phone, home devices run in newer homes (Amazon Echo, Google Home), providing information about the news prior to starting ones day. A small and simple way I think could be through chiropractic oriented Instagram. This Instagram Page will contain simple, unique infographics that explain the broad range of benefits of chiropractic. Instagram can receive submissions from chiropractic students and
practitioners. It can include information on the vast range of practices for example:

  • Pediatric/Geriatric Care
  • Bariatric Care
  • Translation into Weight Training and Sport Therapy
  • New Mothers
  • Wellness/Maintenance
  • Profession-Specific Care

It will emphasize on how chiropractic is an alternative form of health that is patient-oriented and will help each individual achieve their goals through a variety of modalities. The page can be sponsored so it will come up on peoples news feeds, depending on their interest, for example, if the user is a new mother, her feed will most likely be full of baby-related topics. Within her feed, there can be chiropractic related infographics. If she chooses to explore the infographic it will take her to a page that can suggest pediatric chiropractors in her area. Further, she can access the doctor or student who created the infographic and their social media contacts. If the doctor is not in their area they will have easy access to the creator’s information, allowing them to reach out if they choose to do so. This is an idea that puts distant people in contact and is easy and accessible. This will not only benefit the patient but as well as the chiropractor.

This is a short and simple idea, that requires efforts from chiropractors all over the world. This social media account can allow cohesion amongst the chiropractic profession which I believe there is a slight disconnection. There is a lack of advertisement on the benefits of chiropractic and lots of patients still do not understand what it can do for them. This is a simple, non-invasive way to allow patients to explore the beauty of our profession.

The page will have similar looking infographics that follow a specific aesthetic so the page looks uniform and organized. This idea will require access to the phone’s microphone as most apps already do, as well as access to the patient’s location. This will allow the ads to be tailored to the patients’ needs and convenience. Further, this requires a governing group of individuals to work together to run the social media account to ensure that all images are appropriate and accurate. I think this would be an amazing idea especially since everyone in the western world uses a smartphone. This gives people a safe and easy way to access information in one ‘one-stop shop’ area without leaving their home or having to talk to people. This can give the patient the opportunity to explore their options. I am a strong believer that everyone can benefit from chiropractic, it has so many modalities that can work around a variety of goals. Chiropractic is so unique and I hope to see it flourish and grow in the next few years. I believe with efforts from various groups this idea can really advance the chiropractic profession.

#3 – Yee Aung

Answering ‘why chiropractic care’ is the suitable wellness practice for people from all diverse backgrounds and circumstances in this electronic devices stricken era is the most crucial thing to market the chiropractic care services that Truspine offer. To answer this question, we need to make chiropractic therapy relatable to people. Although people have become to be more aware of alternative healthcare and healthy lifestyle in recent years, there is still a vast number of people who are not aware of the chiropractic field and its benefits. Most people would think it is a form of specialty care for people with specific back and neck illness condition or for athletes or for people who can afford the privilege of having a luxurious wellness lifestyle. Not many people are well aware that the increasing neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain they experience from constant use of electronic devices in poor posture could be treated by drug-free chiropractic adjustment.

To expose the chiropractic services more effectively and efficiently for the prospective clients, I would suggest setting up weekly or biweekly mobile chiropractic care clinic in diverse areas such as business parks, offices and farmer markets. Although crowded places where people can get exposed to the mobile clinic easily are great for profit influx, trying out at unique and less crowded places is also as important as trying out mobile operations at popular places since the chiropractor will be able to experience novel and particular niche of prospective customers in each particular area.

From these new client encounters and experiences, the best thing chiropractor will achieve is the refreshing insights of clients, their perspectives on chiropractic therapy, their needs and preferences regarding chiropractic services so that chiropractic care can be more efficiently incorporated in clients’ daily life. From the knowledge obtained from carrying out mobile operations at a variety of places, the chiropractor will also be able to offer bespoke chiropractic care to clients in a more accessible route and in a way clients expect it to be offered more efficiently and flexibly. Getting to know the prospective clients is as much crucial as knowing and caring the old and frequent clients for the business to thrive.

For first time clients at mobile operations, both price and time for chiropractic adjustment session offered need to be affordable to have access to broader clients. Appealing price can open up people mind in the most impactful way. Clients’ interest to chiropractic services offered is directly proportional to its transparent and accessible price and time-span for each therapeutic session in these mobile operations.

In raising awareness of chiropractic care within Truspine, creating enticing and concise video contents consistently and promoting them through social media pages, would also be convincing and appealing to prospective clients. In this way, the clients-to-be can anticipate what kind of services they will encounter and how chiropractic adjustment sessions would look like if they try to experience a particular chiropractic therapy for themselves at Truspine. The mobile chiropractic care truck could also be equipped with LED screen which features appealing video contents regarding chiropractic services at this chiropractic clinic in San Francisco.

Nowadays, people are consuming video contents more than ever and video marketing is converting the sales of services and products with a very satisfying rate according to reports. According to my research on social media, the visually and audibly alluring video contents marketing chiropractic care are still in deficient condition. For most of us, the unknown brings out fear and uncomfortableness to try new things. By presenting the chiropractic therapy to be the known from the unknown, by bringing it out to the light to be more visible and more client-friendly, the business would be able to attract curious clients at least to try it once. Trying and testing will plant the seed to the drug-free holistic wellness practice in prospective clients.

Conveying science-proven facts and benefits regarding holistic chiropractic care by embarking compelling video advertising together with rendering the opportunities to receive hands-on chiropractic care on the mobile operations would help the growth of Truspine chiropractic care exponentially.