Treatment For Neuropathy In Legs and Feet

or most people seeking treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet, they describe their symptoms as prickling or tingling, numbness, burning pain, a sharp throbbing, and difficulty sleeping.These are the words that my patients often use to describe the pain they are experiencing that is caused by peripheral neuropathy.


Hydragun – Massage Therapy At Your Fingertips

Most of the people deal with sore muscles, due to the thrashing they take from running and find ourselves in need of a massage therapist from time to time. Learn more about Hydragun options here.


Acupuncture For Fertility

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese form of therapy based on the insertion of thin sterile needles into specific points on people’s bodies at various depths. Experts explain that health is found when our complementary extremes, “yin and yang”, are in total balance, and when these two forces present an unbalance, illness appears.


Acupuncture For Immunity

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that originated in China, which involves the application of needles into specific points on the body to treat disease and promote health.


Dry Needling For Migraines

There are numerous reasons for migraine pain. This may feel overwhelming for you as you attempt to make sense of what the root cause is. However, one of the most widely recognized reasons for migraine pain is an imbalance of the muscles surrounding the head. Dry needling may help.


Acupuncture For Anxiety

Acupuncture is known that acupuncture acts, among other things, on the autonomic nervous system by having effect on your blood pressure, pupil size, skin temperature, heart rate, etc. Find out more about acupuncture for anxiety.

Physical Therapy

Top 5 Back Exercises

Specialized back exercises can diminish symptoms. The following exercises are most recommended for people with debilitating back pain.


Custom Chiropractic Care

Custom chiropractic care as a treatment method can improve these and many more medical conditions by providing a personalized therapeutic plan for each patient.


COVID 19: The Only Chiropractor Open In San Francisco

Our primary role right now is making sure that our community members are not going to those emergency rooms and urgent care centers with the neck and back pain and headaches so that they can really take care of the people that are in the most critical need right now,” said San Francisco Chiropractor Supreet Shah.