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If you have been on a bicycle before, you’re probably aware that bicycle accidents are very common – especially here in San Francisco.

Going out on your bike means putting yourself at risk of everything from the minor scrapes to severe injuries.

These injuries can be a result of a tiny fall or a collision with a car.

500,000 bicycle-related visits to the emergency rooms in the U.S. occur each year

The fact is over 500,000 bicycle-related visits to the emergency rooms in the U.S. occur each year according to the Europe PMC. 50,000 traumas happen right here in California according to the Bay Area Bicycle Law. Hospital visits may be due to common cycling injuries to the neck, back or head. Not to mention, there are regular “wear-and-tear” injuries or repetitive stress injuries (RSI) that everyday riders tend to suffer from.

What’s the bottom line?

Riding a bicycle is a big risk in California. It is even riskier in a city like San Francisco. You need to use the proper equipment, especially a helmet, and your bike must be well-maintained. Additionally, you need strong muscles and proper alignment to avoid or minimize injury.

So that’s the bad news. Here’s the good: a skilled, experienced SF chiropractor can help you with all of those issues.

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You Should Get Chiropractic Care If You Ride a Bike

Misalignment. Supreet Shah DC, a San Francisco sports chiropractor, mentions that repetitive activities like cycling can disrupt your spinal alignment.

“It also can amplify any hidden structural abnormalities – even from years or decades prior – that you already have.”

Shah admits he has regular visits to a chiropractor himself to keep in good alignment and good form for biking in the bay area.

Head and neck pain.

If you have a head or neck injury related to a bicycle accident, an experienced chiropractor can diagnose and reduce any restrictions within your spine and activate the muscles in your neck. They may utilize soft tissue therapy to reduce the soreness and educate you on exercises, stretches, and proper posture techniques so you can get back on the bike with less likelihood of re-injury.

Additionally, with good alignment, chiropractic care helps get your neck into the right position in relation to your spine. Also, it is important to be preventive when you can. Learning the necessary stretches and techniques will make you more knowledgeable in the future.

Lower back pain.

Prolonged Sitting on the bike puts stress on the spine and makes the low back vulnerable to injury. When you visit the chiropractor, they will provide gentle adjustments to give you relief from pain. They may also teach you exercises to strengthen your core muscles, which support a healthy posture and strong back. A knowledgeable chiropractor will also advise you on proper bike fit, which will keep your back in good alignment.

Knee pain.

If your pelvis or hips are misaligned, knee pain may occur. This is different from direct trauma to the knee. Knee pain is a common problem for cyclists and may result from stuck joints. Your chiropractor can fix the problem with your alignment to help ease your knee pain.

Numbness and Tingling.

Do you have numbness or tingling in your hands and feet as a cyclist? This may be due to pressure on your joints or even compressed disks in your spine. A chiropractor can show you the proper way to mount your bike to reduce the pressure on your hands and feet. They may also need to do some detective work to locate the source of the numbness and solve it with some ultrasound therapy.

Muscle Ache.

Are you experiencing muscle pain after your cycling injury? Your SF chiropractor can investigate the cause of your problem and produce a solution. Some cyclists have muscle fatigue because of overuse. This can be accompanied by muscle tightness and soreness. An adjustment from your chiropractor can remove toxins and reduce symptoms.

At Truspine Chiropractic & Acupuncture, our success rates are very high. One of the biggest illusion is that only high-speed traffic accidents can cause physical harm. Bicycle accidents can cause serious damage to your body, and if not treated in time, can result in lifelong problems.

If you are looking to recover from a cycling injury and would like to find out if you are a candidate for our treatment we would like to meet you.

To get to the root cause of pain and discomfort, schedule an initial consultation, including a comprehensive evaluation and first treatment.