Acupuncture For Immunity

In the past decades, due to the increasing interest in the study of the human immune system, experts have found out its numerous repercussions on all of the organism’s economy. It has been demonstrated that this system’s functioning is capable of affecting, positively and/or negatively, the maintenance of a disease-free homeostasis due to its capacity of interacting with most, if not all, of the body’s organs and systems.

With this in mind, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has provided a ton of knowledge over the years, being able to improve and support the immune system through multiple methods and techniques. Acupuncture is an excellent example of this.

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that originated in China, which involves the application of needles into specific points on the body to treat disease and promote health. Its techniques are based on the idea that the body is composed of energy accumulated in various regions that are called meridians. If the flow of energy in these meridians is unbalanced it causes pathological processes in the body, causing symptoms, such as pain, tiredness, weakness, among others.

Therefore, the objective of the treatment with acupuncture is to establish the balance of the body, facilitating the circulation of energy, triggering analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

More specifically, acupuncture has shown to provide incredible physiological effects aimed to promote correct immune function, being able to produce mechanisms, such as:

  • Regulation of the effects produced by cellular and humoral immunity.
  • Increase in the immune response through the production of antibodies.
  • Control over the secretion of cytokines and other substances that attack pathogens.

However, this type of treatment must be performed by trained professionals and under the guidance of a physician. To increase safety, the FDA created certain norms and regulations for the use of needles and licensed practitioners who apply them, making acupuncture a very secure method to promote healing.

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