Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy?

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You may have heard that acupuncture is beneficial for infertility but did you know that it supports a healthy pregnancy, facilitates birth and enhances postpartum recovery as well? It’s true, acupuncture is your ally throughout pregnancy!

With its roots deep in Chinese Medicine for many centuries, Acupuncture therapy is safe and effective

  • The development of diseases is brought on by a blockage or imbalance in the flow of the life force energy. According to the Chinese principle, this life force energy is also known as qi.
  • Acupuncture strives to restore the flow of this life force energy through the body.
  • Even though acupuncture utilizes extremely thin needles, the therapy doesn’t involve any pain.

In the first trimester, many women suffer from morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue, and occasional discomfort due to the changes beginning to unfold in their bodies.  Acupuncture is wonderful at relieving all of these symptoms. Even more importantly, it helps the woman carry the baby safely to the second trimester and reduces instances of miscarriage.

During the second trimester, many women experience relief of the above symptoms and feel that sweet “pregnancy glow.” Unless they are considered an “at risk” pregnancy, women tend to enjoy this period of time and need less regular care. “At risk” pregnancies that would benefit from acupuncture include those with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes. Another, not always common, are those who have experienced recurrent miscarriages.

In the third trimester, the woman’s body is experiencing an immense amount of change as it prepares for birth. This is often the most uncomfortable time.  Their expanding bellies begin to cause pain in the lower and upper back, hips, and pelvic area. Women also tend to experience insomnia due to the discomfort of restless leg syndrome, having to urinate frequently, or pain. “Acupuncture has excellent results in treating all of the above symptoms,” confirms Hayley Jackson LAc.

“Acupuncture is beneficial in combination with Moxa”

In preparation for labor it is important that the baby is positioned correctly (head down) and not breached (any other position). Acupuncture is beneficial in combination with moxa, an ancient Chinese modality of heating acupuncture points with mugwort. This is one of the most powerful ways to flip a breached baby into the correct position. 

“Acupuncture prior to birth helps facilitate shorter labors and increase healthy births”

Once the baby is head down and the woman is nearing the last month of her term we begin to focus on the birth. Weekly acupuncture is wonderful for preparing the body for birth and helping labor go as smoothly as possible. There are clinical studies proving that weekly acupuncture prior to birth helps facilitate shorter labors and increase healthy births. The goal is to avoid medical intervention if possible (i.e. ptosis, cesarian section).

Postpartum care is essential to the recovery of the mother and therefore the health of her infant. It is often overlooked in modern day culture but in ancient China, they had many practices including diet, herbs, rest, and acupuncture to help restore the woman’s strength and vitality. Acupuncture and herbs are also great for enhancing lactation by increasing milk production and flow.

Are there any risks with Acupuncture during pregnancy?

I know what you’re thinking: Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy? The answer is an astounding YES. However, you want the guidance of our San Francisco Acupuncturist with your treatments.

  • While rare, stimulating certain points on the body can cause uterine contractions, which may lead to a miscarriage.
  • Go with an open mind and don’t cut your sessions short.
  • If you are a woman overdue giving birth, acupuncture is considered a helpful therapy. So if you’re keen on a natural way to induce labor…you’ve got it here.
  • Do not try this at home. It is best to seek services of someone trained in the art of needle therapy. Also, do some research on your acupuncturist. Make sure he or she has some good experience in dealing with pregnancy.

If you are looking to increase your chances of a healthy birth and would like to find out if you are a candidate for acupuncture we would like to meet you. To experience the benefits of acupuncture, schedule an initial consultation for evaluation and first treatment.