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Dry needling for shoulder pain might be a fantastic treatment methodology, yet you may need to do some investigative work to find out what is causing the shoulder pain in any case.

There are numerous reasons for shoulder pain. This may feel overwhelming for you as you attempt to make sense of what the root cause is. However, one of the most widely recognized reasons for movement-related shoulder pain is an imbalance of the muscles surrounding the humerus. This is “functional shoulder pain.” The pain is because of improper use of the shoulder. 

What Is Dry Needling?

Trigger point dry needling is a technique used to reset the musculoskeletal system in order to relieve pain and tension with lasting results.

Skilled acupuncturists insert very thin needles into trigger points that incite a reflex in the muscle in the form of a mild twitch. Trigger points are tight or knotted sore muscles.

As a result, the muscle lengthens and tension dissipates causing an immediate increase in range of motion.

What Causes Trigger Points?

Active shoulder movement includes an exact parity of mobility and stability. Tragically, a few muscles about the shoulder are inclined to getting to be overactive and cramping, while different muscles are hindered and weak. This imbalance of muscle capacity can cause myofascial trigger points. Myofascial trigger points frequently cause shoulder pain. Also, the imbalance of muscle capacity places abnormal stress on the shoulder joint, mid-back, and neck. 

Customarily, individuals with this kind of shoulder pain feel a dull ache at rest, weakness and pain with active shoulder development, and painful bunches in the muscles around the shoulder and shoulder blade. Resting the shoulder from activity can evade a portion of the pain, yet when somebody gets once more into ordinary business, the pain returns. The muscle imbalance may proceed for a considerable length of time to years. Prolonged shoulder dysfunction eventually drives degenerative joint and postural changes in light of this abnormal stress sometimes. 

Dry needling includes the utilization of a little needle to treat the myofascial trigger focuses on bringing about the shoulder muscle imbalance. The objective of the dry needling treatment for shoulder pain is to deliver a solid jerk and resulting relaxation of the painful knot in the shoulder muscle. This resets the neurological control at the nerve/muscle intersection and furthermore diminishes the muscle-related shoulder pain. Dry needling for shoulder pain can be joined with different medications as a component of an extensive arrangement of chiropractic care. The objective is to encourage suitable shoulder motion. At that point, an individual can practice improved shoulder mobility with less pain and come back to ordinary, pain-free shoulder work.

Can It Help With Other Extremity Pain?

So, if you live or work near the San Francisco Telegraph Hill – North Beach – Financial District and feel you would be a good candidate for our trigger point dry needling treatments for your shoulder pain, we would love to meet you. To experience the benefits of dry needling or discover if another treatment might better support you, schedule an initial consultation for evaluation and first treatment.