Custom Chiropractic Care

For many individuals suffering from musculoskeletal issues, such as spinal, knee, hip, or shoulder problems, currently accepted treatments are based on anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, opiate pain drugs, and surgery. However, for many cases, these options come with multiple associated risks and side effects.

Fortunately, the use of custom chiropractic care as a treatment method can improve these and many more medical conditions by providing a personalized therapeutic plan for each patient.

This therapy is based on several joint manipulations performed by a chiropractor, which are performed to restore joint functionality and give the body the capacity to heal itself back. Custom chiropractic care can help solve those factors related to the main condition, such as pain, inflammation, reduced range of motion, decreased strength, among others.

Experts on the matter have demonstrated that it is also recommended for pre-surgery preparation because incorporating strengthening programs is able to prepare the body for the upcoming surgical procedure. In addition, as the inflammation process decreases, both the surgery and the recovery’s success rates increase.

Another factor to take into consideration is the mind because mentally preparing a person for surgery is fundamental for obtaining a positive outcome, which can be achieved through chiropractic.

As per the rehabilitation process, typically indicated for patients submitted to orthopedic surgery or that have suffered some accident, custom chiropractic care goals are directed to minimize the adverse effects that can appear in this period and restore normal movement, flexibility, and functionality.

Basically, the main objective of this therapy is to return the patient to his pre-injury activity level. To do so, the chiropractor creates a therapeutic plan based on all the factors that make individuals different from each other, including:

  • Strengthening exercises to restore weakened muscles.
  • Flexibility exercises to increase range of motion.
  • Posture, coordination, and balance training.
  • March analysis and training.
  • Massage therapy techniques.
  • Home exercise instructions.
  • Self-care training, if needed.

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