Top 5 Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

These do-it-yourself plantar fasciitis exercises have helped our patients greatly.

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The following do-it-yourself plantar fasciitis exercises are the most recommended for symptomatic people. Exercising is important for any person’s overall good health. However, for people with moderate or severe plantar fascia pain, we recommend an SF chiropractor’s assessment first.

Plantar fasciitis specialist Supreet Shah says that plantar fascia pain can occur for a variety of reasons. He states, “Identifying what doesn’t move is the first step toward solving the problem.” Often, the most problematic body parts are the glutes, hamstrings, and calves.


plantar fasciitis exercise 1

This little necessary exercise will expand the adaptability in your feet and will strengthen your foot muscles. It’s ideal to go through this one as a warm-up, at that point proceed onward to different exercises. 

  • Sit straight up in a hard seat, feet on the floor. Your feet ought to be a similar width apart as your hips. 
  • Keeping your toes on the ground, raise your heels the extent that you can. You’ll feel your calves tighten.
  • Hold for eight seconds. 
  • Next, bring down your heels to the floor. At that point, keeping the remainder of your foot level, raise your toes, directing them toward the roof. 
  • At last, twist your toes under with the goal that the highest points of your toes are contacting the floor.

Repeat multiple times.


This plantar fasciitis exercise will reinforce your foot muscles, as well. In any case, it’s attempting to strengthen the muscles on the highest point of your foot. Here are how to do it.

  • Spot a dishtowel on the floor before a hard seat. 
  • Sit straight up in your seat, feet on the floor. Your feet ought to be a similar width apart as your hips. 
  • Spot one of your feet on the kitchen towel. 
  • Twisting your toes, pull the dishtowel toward your heel, which is likewise on the towel. 
  • At that point, stretch out your toes to push the towel move in the opposite direction from you. 

Repeat multiple times with each foot.

plantar fasciitis exercise 4

If you need to make the exercise a little more testing, you can put an overwhelming book or a little weight at the most distant part of the dishtowel.


This is a fun little exercise which will fortify the muscles on the base of your feet, and it’s an extraordinary method to diminish plantar fasciitis pain. You can utilize any little items you need for this exercise, yet I suggest something like marbles or small, smooth stones. 

You’ll have to set up before you do this plantar fasciitis exercise. To begin with, place a towel down on the floor to ward off your marbles from rolling. At that point, place twenty statues on the cloth. At long last, place a bowl on the towel adjacent to the carvings. You’re prepared to start!

To do this exercise, get the marbles with your feet, scrunching your toes to gather them. Individually, get ten marbles with your left foot and spot them in the bowl. At that point, get the remaining ten marbles with your right foot. 


This is an extremely straightforward exercise, and it will extend the muscles on the base of your feet. You don’t need to utilize a lacrosse ball. You can use a softball, hockey ball, tennis ball… whatever you have available! You can even use a cola can on the off chance that you don’t have nuts in the house.

plantar fasciitis exercise 5

To do this exercise, you’ll sit in your ergnomic chair with your back straight. Spot the ball in the focal point of your foot, at that point tenderly apply a touch of weight. Now, move your foot forward and backward.

You can do this stretching exercise each day to help decrease the danger of plantar fasciitis. It feels like an expert foot knead! For a surprisingly better back massage, place the lacrosse ball in the freezer for a couple of hours before you begin!


This is the most straightforward exercise for plantar fasciitis you could do. All you need is a pleasant, sunny beach. Visit the beach, take your shoes off, and walk. That is it. You’ll fortify your feet and stretch your muscles. Furthermore, you’ll be giving your calves an exercise, as well! 

You can discover sand at the volleyball court, the play area, or the desert. Recollect that walking in sand is extremely tiring. When strolling outside, ensure you don’t get too drained or come close to giving up!

These do-it-yourself plantar fasciitis exercises have helped our patients greatly. If you are still having trouble finding plantar fascia pain relief, you may be a good candidate for our treatments. To get to the root cause of pain and discomfort, schedule an initial consultation, including a comprehensive evaluation and first treatment.

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