Hydragun – Massage Therapy At Your Fingertips

Most of the people deal with sore muscles, due to the thrashing they take from running and find ourselves in need of a massage therapist from time to time. Learn more about Hydragun options here.

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Are you looking for the perfect massage gun? We have done the research for you so you make the right choice.

Most of the people deal with sore muscles, due to the thrashing they take from running and find ourselves in need of a massage therapist from time to time. Possibly you even get consistent massages to keep those sore muscles under control. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a massage gun to help manage the muscle spasms and pain. If that’s the case, let me introduce you to the Hydragun, a tool which is best for your muscle recovery needs.

Why Do You Need One?

For professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, a massage therapy gun should be part of your tool kit. They’re mainly power drill-looking movable appliances that provide speedy bursts of targeted pressure into one’s muscle tissue, increasing blood flow to a specific area which can help reduce muscle tension and aching sensations. So for the easy and perfect recovery tool, you should choose Hydragun which is quite user friendly and at the best price point compared to the Theragun

hydragun massage therapy

Percussive Massage At A Whim

The Hydragun comes in a handy, travel-friendly set that’s as smooth looking as the product inside. The Hydragun kit consists of the Hydragun body, six swappable attachment heads (6 to target various areas of the body with a handy fine manual explaining each head and its benefits), a charger and a travel adapter. An instruction guidebook is also included itemizing everything in the bag as well as tips on how to maximize use.

There are different factors and characteristics which differentiate the Hydragun to the other top brand devices in the market.

Device Amplitude – is the distance the device head travels from the gun measured in millimetres. The lengthier the amplitude, the deeper the heads can push into the muscle. Hydragun’s amplitude usually sits at 12mm; a little higher than other top brands in the market, most of which usually sit at 10mm.

Hydragun Sound Level – The sound level is how loud a device sounds measured in decibel units. Muscle therapy devices are powered by electric motors when they turned on, they make a lot of noise. The bigger the electric motor, the louder the sound. Hydragun’s loudness level in decibel is at 50db compared to TheraGun’s 75db or Hypervolt’s 60db.

Almost all people reviews show that the Hydragun device in action is the quietest ever massage gun that they’ve used, even on it s highest setting

Speed of Hydragun:  RPM is the abbreviation of revolutions per minute and the speed in RPM means how much revolutions the motor makes in a minute. The more revolutions, the faster the device motors so the head percusses your muscles fastly – resulting in an even more penetrating massage. Hydragun’s speed is at 3200 RPM.

Stall force of Hydragun – Stall force is the maximum level of force use that will stop the motor from running. A good muscle therapy gun should be motorized by a high-torque motor, which means if you’re using it in an optional way, it should not stall easily but with the Hydragun, this hardly ever e happens unless you’re deliberately applying excessive pressure on the head to try and stop the motor.

Battery Life – this needs no further explanation as to its pretty good. Nowadays, in this modern digital age, any electrically powered machine should have good battery life if not exceptional battery life. The Hydragun battery life boasts an impressive 6-8 hours of battery life. This quality makes it a notable device in the market for customers.

The Hydragun set comes with its own global adapter so should you be travelling between various countries, you will always be able to use it.

Weight – The weight of the device plays an important role in his market significance so Hydragun weighs in at 2.3lbs. Even though it is not the lightest of massage guns, however, it definitely is not the heaviest either. Everyone wants a massage gun that is properly easy to maneuver especially when anyone trying to get to those hard to reach areas like your back.

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When Do You Use The Hydragun?

You can use it after a forceful workout: especially one where you test your physical barriers, or you experience heavy exercise-induced muscle stress. After 24 to 48 hours, you may feel muscle soreness this is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.

When you use HYDRAGUN after your workout, any time before or during DOMS, its high-torque motor delivers a powerful, pounding action of 3200 RPM which increases blood flow in muscles and minimize DOMS. This increase in blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients that are essential in repairing muscle fibers, thereby relieving muscle pains and speeding up your muscle recovery.

3 Ways To Use Your Hydragun

Warm-Up of Muscles

When: Before your gym exercise or workout.

Duration: 30 to 40 seconds per muscle group.

During Exercise.

When: Use HYDRAGUN device on muscle groups that you’re training while you’re resting in between sets to make the most of efficiency. This will help relieve muscle fatigue.

Duration: 15 to 20 seconds per muscle group.

DOMS Prevention

When: After your gym workout.

Duration: 2 minutes per muscle group.

This will help to minimize DOMS and muscle soreness.

After enjoying their time at local gyms, active people may experience muscle soreness. Consequently, they may choose to frequent massage therapy clinics, and spend way too much on these therapies. Hydragun massages the muscles and minimize the soreness and body pain at the convenience of your home and much lesser price point. If you have tight muscles, you’re going for a workout, or playing a high impact sport, this might be for you.

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