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Hyperice’s Hypervolt looks more like a sleek futuristic instrument while the Theragun G2PRO looks more like a rugged tool. 

These two products are handheld vibrating recovery tools

Want to get your muscles activated faster? Drop your foam roller.

hypervolt vibrating massage toolWhat Are These Therapy Devices?

The Theragun’s version is the second generation. The head of the Theragun can move at 3 different angles. The intensity is just one speed. The Hypervolt has three speeds. A lighter speed, medium speed, and one that’s super fast. However, you can’t change the angle of the head.

The sounds that these make is probably the biggest difference. The Theragun is louder. The Theragun can be compared to a normal car with a normal engine. The Hypervolt is like an electric car. Yet, they both get the job done. The Theragun feels more powerful while the Hypervolt feels smoother. 

What Is The Feel of The Therapy Device?

What is the feel of the two devices on the body? Comparing the data that comes with both instruments, the second speed of the Hypervolt has the same hertz or frequency as the Theragun’s speed.

Hypervolt is quieter and newer but is it as powerful as the more experienced Theragun? The Theragun is marketed as a percussive vibrational therapy while the Hypervolt is marketed as just a vibrational therapy.

In my opinion, the Theragun feels more aggressive. There is more of an aggressive hit on the muscle with it. Even at level three, the Hypervolt is less aggressive. It has more of a finer vibration for soft tissue therapy.

How’s The Charge?

What about accessories and battery life? Theragun comes with a carrying case. The Hypervolt does not. The box within the carrying case comes with 3 attachments. It also comes with two battery packs. The battery packs discharge from the device. According to the website, Theragun says each charge carries a 40 to 45 minute per charge, so total you’re looking at about 1.5 hours of usage.

theragun handheld massager

Unfortunately, no carrying case for the Hypervolt. It comes in a box with three additional attachments. It also comes with a charger that plugs into the wall. You don’t have to take out the cartridge to charge it. According to Hyperice, they say 3 hours on one charge. I haven’t used each one enough to know if it’s true.

What Will The Theragun or Hypervolt Cost Me?

One of the most important things to look at when buying a product is the price. The Theragun G2PRO comes in at $600. Hyperice’s Hypervolt comes in at $350.

So which one is preferable? Both have pros and cons to them. In my opinion, it depends on who you’re working on and also your own preference.

The Theragun is one setting but packs a bigger punch compared to the Hypervolt. So if you’re working on someone that needs deeper work and doesn’t mind the noise it’s perfect.

The Hypervolt is perfect for those people that can’t take Theragun’s pressure. It has three levels and you can set it at the first one for those that need a lighter one and less noise. The price tag is a little bit less but both are great products. If you have tight muscles, you’re going for a workout or playing a high impact sport, this might be for you. Are you taking care of your body with one of these recovery tools? Maybe you’ve tried the competitor Hydragun or Jeanie Rub. Please leave a comment below if you’re you’ve purchased one your 2020 Black Friday shopping. I want to know what you think. And to get to the root cause of pain and discomfort, schedule an initial consultation, including a comprehensive evaluation and first treatment.

With the New Year comes the new G3PRO Theragun. A new Theragun G3PRO review will be up as soon as we have one in our hands.

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