Top 6 Forward Head Causing Postures

Like magic tricks, most neck pain seems to come out of thin air.

It’s not like you were in a car crash or fell out of a tree house. There is no apparent reason for why your neck hurts. Most people do notice some patterns of their neck pain like it hurts more when you cook, or when you sit at your work desk.

As a San Francisco Chiropractor, most of the new patients that I see have this back-and-forth neck pain that is usually caused by forward head posture. Understanding where this pain comes from is just the beginning of finding the cure. So, I listed the top 5 causes of forward head posture that causes neck pain.

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Chiropractor Takes On Text Neck

In the sports world, repetitive movements and muscle overuse eventually lead to strain and injury.

The consequences of staring down at our cell phones day in and day out? Text neck. It’s the poor posture that results from your forward head posture and adding tension to your cervical vertebrae that make up part of your spine.

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