Acupuncture For Fertility

Although one of the main objectives that human beings have in life is to procreate and leave offspring, nowadays, a large part of the population cannot or has problems in doing so. Fertility problems affecting both men and women are increasing as genetic, environmental, and pathological factors become worse and more difficult to prevent and/or treat.

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Acupuncture For Immunity

In the past decades, due to the increasing interest in the study of the human immune system, experts have found out its numerous repercussions on all of the organism’s economy. It has been demonstrated that this system’s functioning is capable of affecting, positively and/or negatively, the maintenance of a disease-free homeostasis due to its capacity of interacting with most, if not all, of the body’s organs and systems.

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Dry Needling For Migraines

Dry needling for migraine pain might be the right treatment option for you, yet you may need to do some investigative work to find out what is causing the migraine pain in any case.

There are numerous reasons for migraine pain. This may feel overwhelming for you as you attempt to make sense of what the root cause is. However, one of the most widely recognized reasons for migraine pain is an imbalance of the muscles surrounding the head.

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Olympic Athletes Who Use Acupuncture

We don’t know about you, but the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang have been so inspiring! Exposure to the top athletes in the world have us thinking: how do they properly care for their bodies? Tried-and-true methods like acupuncture have emerged as a common theme among Olympic athletes. Furthermore, the traditional Chinese medicine practice is used for both recovery and healing properties.

Take a peek at some world-class athletes who rely on acupuncture to stay at the top of their game.

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Severe Neck Pain After Sleeping Weird?

A common complaint at our San Francisco chiropractic clinic is

“I have severe neck pain after sleeping weird”.

More often than not, the symptoms felt are ongoing but this one episode is worse than most. Some patients experience neck and shoulder pain after sleeping wrong and others notice tension headaches.

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7 Ways Acupuncture Affects Your Brain

You may know that acupuncture is an excellent holistic medicine for natural pain relief. Many patients initially come for neck, shoulder or back pain but also experience relief of anxiety, stress, and depression. It seems miraculous that just a few needles can have such a positive impact on so many aspects of health. This is because acupuncture for brain health has been scientifically proven.

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Does Acupuncture Help With PTSD?

An estimated 7.8% of all Americans will experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) in their lifetime, with women (10.4%) twice as likely as men (5%) to develop PTSD.

Individuals who develop PTSD are prone to nightmares and flashbacks, feelings of detachment, and difficulty sleeping. Given this fact, these negative symptoms can be severe enough to significantly impact a person’s ability to interact in their day to day life.

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Acupuncture and ADHD/ADD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has quickly become one of the most common behavioral conditions among children and young adults.

In the United States alone, every year, approximately 4.5 million children between the ages of 5-17 years old are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

So, does acupuncture for children with ADD really work?

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Acupuncture For Stress

Stress is one of the most common detriments to a healthy mind. When under the duress of stress, we often experience confusion, poor memory, lack of focus, and clouded thinking.

According to Chinese medicinal lore, Shen, our mind, embodies our consciousness, emotions, and thoughts. This influence extends to the ability to think clearly and presides over other activities that involve mental and creative functions.

Healthy Shen demarcates a healthy mind and mental focus, and vice-versa.

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